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Tips From a Syrian Resident’s Point of View

Although I’m still in my third year of residency of orthodontics, I feel that I’ve had the chance to learn from the best orthodontists, so here is the best advice I have heard so far: 1. The art of the start – “Diagnosis” In the pre-treatment phase, the groundwork for achieving the desired end-treatment result […]

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No Jerks Allowed

Today we are going to talk about a problem that I definitely have, and I think a lot of you probably have too. Here in Arizona it gets really, really hot. I know that’s like a super huge surprise to you…but it does get really, really hot!  Because of the heat, a lot of people […]

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Don’t Lose Yourself

Taking care of yourself isn’t only about healthy eating and working out.  It’s about expanding our knowledge and passions.  This area of our lives is most commonly cut out when life gets busy.  Do you love to read?  When was the last time you just had some quiet time and read a book for pleasure?  […]

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Make Yourself a Priority

My first day back working out after my PRK surgery felt so great. The doctor told me I had to wait to exercise for a week or two, because they didn’t want sweat to get into my eyes.  I tried to be a good patient, but I was just going absolutely crazy because I couldn’t […]

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