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Don’t Lose Yourself

Don’t Lose Yourself

Posted on September 4, 2018

Taking care of yourself isn’t only about healthy eating and working out.  It’s about expanding our knowledge and passions.  This area of our lives is most commonly cut out when life gets busy.  Do you love to read?  When was the last time you just had some quiet time and read a book for pleasure?  If that sounds like heaven to you, then carve some time out in your schedule to do it.  I’m sure with all the talent in our Facebook group, there are some amazing artists and writers out there.  Have you given yourself permission to explore those unique skills?  These things are important as not only are they fun, they are intellectually stimulating.  And that is important for your brain in the long run.

Social interaction is also important.  My social life has never been all that exciting, but it certainly took a nose-dive with three kids and three practices.  Even if it’s just a monthly lunch with your girlfriends.  That is not time wasted, it is time well spent.  I have a “monthly” brunch (monthly in quotations because sometimes we skip a month or two), and we all look forward to it and for a moment to be ourselves again.  Not to be a wife, a mom, or a business owner or an orthodontist, just time to be me, and those few hours are really precious.  I usually come home from that time feeling recharged and invigorated and that is a great feeling.

Just remember to not to lose yourself in your work.  You have an identity outside of the office and outside of your home. Don’t forget about that person.

Have a great week!